Our client is the largest food manufacturer in their field in the UK. Established in 1932 they have been a Fiber Film customer since April 2015 and were not an existing customer at the time of enquiry.

  • 50% reduction in costs
  • 50% reduction in carbon footprint
  • 3x reduced packaging waste tax 
  • Improved packaging and output

The situation.

A very well run company and a market leader in their field, they are continuously trying to improve the process and efficiency in all areas of their business operations. They were open to innovative solutions for traditional problems in their distribution and transit department and had already taken large strides towards a company-wide down-gauging and cost-saving exercise in its stretch film procurement procedure.

The challenge.

Having already conducted their own transit packaging audit, the customer was confident they had found the optimum balance between cost and containment. Using a traditional 15mu machine stretch film they found that they had significantly reduced both material weight and unit cost, and also found that any further reduction in material weight with conventional products produced unsafe pallets and film breakages and downtime in busy distribution areas.

The challenge for Packaging Innovations was to show them that with Fiber film it was possible to make further material reductions whilst actually increasing pallet stability and safety. If this could be achieved they would also need to see a further cost-per-pallet wrapped reduction and less film breakage on the semi-auto wrappers. A tall order. 

The process.

Step one was carrying out a full assessment of current practice and establishing any future requirements. This was conducted on-site by an expert film specialist. From this information, a Fiber Film solution was suggested and a trial was conducted. With all of the key performance indicators ticked in the initial trial, the customer began an extended trial, alongside other high-strength, high-performance competitor films.

The result.

On all four of the fundamental KPIs Fiber Film outperformed its competitors, providing the lightest, strongest, most cost-effective and most reliable food packaging supplies for the customer. The customer now has a dedicated stock holding of material, available on a 24-hour service for distribution to any of its UK sites. Packaging Innovations is proud to supply the best product with the best available customer service and terms.

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Large UK-based food manufacturer

Our client is the largest food manufacturer in their field in the UK. Established in 1932 they have been a Fiber Film customer since April 2015 and were not an existing customer at the time of enquiry.

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