Machine pallet wrap

The ultimate solution for plastic reduction and consistent loads.

We have spent the last 13 years helping businesses like yours reduce the amount of plastic they use to safely wrap their pallets.

We aren’t about selling you a specific type of stretch film; in fact, we want you to buy less stretch film altogether.


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We work through consultation.

We are truly consultative when it comes to offering plastic-reducing machine stretch films.

Instead of being tied to one product, we chose to work with the world’s best manufacturers to build a full range - freeing us up to find the perfect solution for your use case.

We start by understanding your operational, financial and environmental requirements. Then, using our proven benchmarking process, we reduce your plastic consumption by up to 60%, providing significant cost reductions.

How we do it


Maximise your efficiencies.

Our full suite of stretch films offers a wide range of benefits. We guarantee the safest possible pallet, with the minimal amount of stretch film, that spends the least time stationary in your warehouse.

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Stretch film pallet wrap

Protect your business. 

With us, you can protect your profits through boosts in efficiency and reductions in damaged goods.

Benefit from:

  • Better load stability
  • Lower cost
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Less plastic usage
  • Reduced exposure to the Plastic Tax

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Our process | Step one

Discovery and simulation

During your discovery call we’ll discuss your current packaging usage and operation. When we’re happy we understand your needs, we will take your information for simulation. We create theoretical models to see whether we can positively impact your people, your profits, your pallets, or our planet.
Our process | Step two


After simulation, we put our findings into practice. We start by understanding the performance of the film you’re currently using.We benchmark:Pallet load stabilityFilm usage per palletNumber of rotationsWrapping time Yearly cost
Our process | Step three

Side-by-side and data presentation.

We pick solutions from our suppliers that we believe will fit your performance targets. Then we test them side-by-side. We’re never inclined towards a specific product; our only concern is getting you the best result.
Our process | Step four

Trial order.

We offer a ‘sale or return’ trial order. If it’s not for you, we’ll always collect and credit what you don’t use - that’s a guarantee.
Our process | Step five

Continued support.

We’ll check in on you throughout implementation, letting you know of new opportunities to save plastic or increase efficiency.

Need hand wrap too?

For when a machine isn’t the right option, our plastic-reducing hand wraps are an efficient and strong alternative.


Hand pallet wrap


Get started with Fiber Film.

A unique reinforced stretch film that delivers up to 60% weight savings and 30% cost reduction - all while significantly increasing your load stability.


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