Explore our full range of plastic reducing products

Whatever your application, we’ve got you covered. Our efficient range of products help your people work faster and smarter - they’re better for the planet, too.


Plastic reducing

Machine pallet wrap

The ultimate solution for plastic reduction. We work with the best to bring you a full suite of ultra-efficient machine films engineered to lower your costs.


Plastic reducing

Hand pallet wrap

Thinner doesn’t mean weaker. Whether you’re wrapping by hand or with a dispenser, our wraps promise safer pallets and reduced plastic consumption.

Paper_Bags Icon

Plastic reducing

Paper bags

Reduce plastic consumption and protect the environment from further harm by choosing paper packaging alternatives.


Plastic reducing

Heat shrink film

High-strength, modern shrink films that keep plastic use to a minimum. We match your current needs and beat the Plastic Tax through lower thickness alternatives.

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Plastic reducing

Pallet top sheets

Protect your pallets from dirt, dust and drizzle.Our Plastic Tax-exempt top sheets offer excellent performance, more covers per roll, and significant cost reductions.


Plastic reducing

Box liners

Protect your products from dust and damp. Our box liners are thin, durable and provide an excellent waterproof lining. Perfect for when hygiene is a priority.


Plastic reducing

Layer sheets

Create lasting barriers when building your pallet. Choose from non-slip polythene to plastic-free corrugated cardboard and paper - all while reducing material usage.

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Plastic reducing

Stretch hood

Maximise your pallet strength and reduce plastic consumption.Our range of hood films provide optimal stability whilst protecting from dust and humidity.


Plastic reducing

Void fill

Essential for protecting delicate items in transit. Our paper void fills are not only effective, but they’re also a perfect way to curb your plastic use.

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Plastic reducing


Choose from both paper and traditional plastic tapes. Our range of paper alternatives avoid the Plastic Tax and provide superb security benefits.


Plastic reducing


Move away from polythene with our fully recyclable paper bags. With excellent puncture resistance and a range of sizes, our mailers protect your products and the environment.

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