Without Prejudice Policy

Without Prejudice Policy


Here at Packaging Innovations, we pride ourselves on being a truly consultative operation when it comes to helping potential and existing customers choose new products.

As a non-manufacturer, we bring products from all over the world to the UK market and best match them to your environment, performance goals, and environmental goals.

Over the years, we have created a ´without prejudice´ policy for offering these products to our customers.

It is important for us that you know we offer all our solutions without prejudice, favourites or preferences. The only thing we want to sell is the solution that is best for you.  

Our sales teams are equally incentivised regardless of product placement. The business has priced them so they provide equal value to Packaging Innovations when sold. When speaking to our experts, you can be certain that they really have no agenda other than delivering a solution that is in line with your needs.