Our story

We founded Packaging Innovations in 2008 with a simple goal: to be the standard of plastic reduction in pallet stretch and shrink wrap.

I founded Packaging Innovations in 2008, with a simple vision; to scour the world for the most innovative packaging products, machinery and techniques and to deliver them to users in the UK.

- Nathan Hutchinson

We help businesses exceed their goals.

The efficiency of your business is our number one priority.

We’re not interested in a quick sale; instead, we make it our objective to protect our customers’ interests and operations. Everything we do, from audits and testing to sales and aftercare, is guided by transparent communication and a consultative approach.

We’re independent and free to offer you the best products from a range of trusted manufacturers.

Ready to talk

Consultancy, not sales.

Before offering our clients products; we take time to understand their needs:

  • We diagnose profit and sustainability opportunities
  • We test the most appropriate solutions to create data and fact-based recommendations
  • We continually advise, making sure your wrapping solution is future-proofed
  • The services provided by Packaging Innovations start and end with your business.

We take plastic reduction personally.

We’re proud to be leading the charge against the high consumption of plastic in transit and storage.
Our commitment to greener solutions isn’t lip-service; we passionately believe in saving our planet from unnecessary damage and pollution.

Packaging Innovations test relentlessly for stretch and shrink wrap solutions that significantly reduce our clients’ plastic consumption. We see it as our duty to supply UK businesses with efficient packaging, and educate them in plastic reduction.

The environmental solutions we provide offer a range of benefits:

  • Up to 60% reductions in plastic usage
  • Reduced Plastic Tax exposure
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased performance and lower costs
  • 30% post-consumer waste options
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We’re guided by five core principles.

Your people

Your staff are your most vital asset. Our solutions use thinner, stronger materials that secure your pallet with fewer rotations and reel changes - reducing workload and downtime.

Your profits

Simply put, our solutions save you money. Our plastic reducing films minimise the cost to wrap each of your pallets, reducing your overall spend and unlocking other efficiencies in your organisation.

Your pallets

Thinner materials don’t mean weaker. Through robust testing and development, our solutions ensure the safety and stability of your pallet in transit or storage; no matter what you’re sending.

Our planet

It’s high-time we curb excessive plastic use. That’s why we promise to safely wrap, pack and send your goods using the minimum amount of plastic or packaging required.

The Plastic Tax

Your current plastic use is set to become more costly. We work with your business to establish a solution that makes you more profitable, efficient, and prepared for the Plastic Tax.

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