We help your business become a plastic reduction pioneer.

Better for:

Your people

Looking to reduce the workload of your people and reduce downtime? Our packaging solutions are not only easier to work with, but they’re thinner and stronger, too.

Better for:

Your profits

Your profits increase when you use less plastic. Packaging Innovations can reduce the cost to wrap each of your pallets.

Better for:

Your pallets

We test and benchmark each of our solutions rigorously. Our intelligent packaging ensures your pallets and products remain safe and strongly secured.

Better for:

Our planet

Now more than ever, businesses need to reduce their plastic consumption. Our services help you pack, store and send your products using less single-use plastic.

Better for:

The Plastic Tax

With higher taxes on plastic use looming, it’s more important than ever to look for films that reduce your overall plastic tax exposure.

We work through consultation.

We are truly consultative when it comes to offering plastic-reducing machine stretch films.

Instead of being tied to one product, we chose to work with the world’s best manufacturers to build a full range - freeing us up to find the perfect solution for your use case.

We start by understanding your operational, financial, and environmental requirements. Then, using our proven benchmarking process, we reduce your plastic consumption by up to 60%, providing significant cost reductions.

Learn how we do it


Prepare your business for the Plastic Tax.

From April 2022, your business will be paying more for its plastic use. We can show you just how much it will cost, and how we can help you shrink it.

  • Improve your packaging
  • Reduce your costs
  • Improve production output
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your packaging waste tax
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Case studies

Global confectionery company halves plastic use.

2 min read

41 fewer reel changes and over 5 hours extra production per week led to a 16% reduction in costs.