Our client is a market leader in Europe in the animal feed sector. Established in the 1870s, they have been a Fiber Film Customer since November 2014.

  • £8000 annual saving
  • 27% increased load holding
  • 56.5% reduction in cost per pallet
  • Improved packaging and output

The situation.

Our customer packs animal feed for various livestock animals into 20—25kg polythene bags, loading them onto a pallet, with each pallet weighing up to 1200kg. They distribute anywhere between 100—300 pallets per day, to farms around the UK.

The challenge.

The fine material from the animal feed can sometimes coat the bags, which makes the polythene quite slippery. As well as that, a lot of the farms are in very rural locations so the roads are not always flat.

To ensure the load arrived safely, they often needed to double wrap their pallets which massively increases the cost.

Making sure the stretch film is strong enough to hold 1.2 tonnes of slippery bags on uneven roads, whilst trying to reduce the amount of film used and reduce costs, would be impossible for most stretch film suppliers. 

The process.

We benchmarked the current animal feed packaging in terms of weight and cost to wrap one pallet as well as the load holding characteristics achievable with this film. Then we went to work with Fiber Film.

The result.

The overall saving to this site is in excess of £8000 per year in animal feed packaging and the pallets now go out better and more protected than ever.

Due to the unique characteristics of the various grades of Fiber Film, we were able to increase load holding by 27%, whilst decreasing the cost of one pallet by 13% based on a single wrap. The single wrap load holding is now so good that our client no longer needs to double wrap the pallets, with a massive 56.5% cost saving compared to a double-wrapped pallet.

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